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Sunday, April 17, 2005

how about?? like de angelic look? well dis was wat i wore during Marriott's 10th Annual Dinner & Dance hehe n thanks to sabby fr accompanying me to collect the shot at suntec..
well had a great time during de show.. held 12th oif april on a tues. well was very close to winning the best dressed male.. well runner up is gd enuff.. didnt even expect to b nom,inated as best dressed male also.. it was like last minute thing..the wings the tee n the fisherman wrap pants.. hehehe at ferst i was planning to wear a white suit(wanted to impersonate usher!) hehehehe.. nw all de associates call me "ey...my angel" hahaha

Recently met up with sabby!! haha had a great tym crapping and all... u noe i know la sabby..
hmmm im off fr de week, next week.. YEAY!!!!! haha but gonna b broke.. well had to take passport pic fr my lasalle application form.. sigh.. gonna b a disaster.. hahaha.. anybody wanna tag along?? ok gtg.. will blog when im free again. see ya guys.. take care.. signin off... (",)

L:ann : 8:59 PM.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i m sooooo worried about nt being shortlisted as successful applicant under de DeAE system.. it will mean the world to me.. if im nt shortlisted i'll be like SCHOOL-Less n dats bad.. n i have to prepare myself physically n mentally to serve my national service.. bohooohooooo :'( how? HOW? how?
well planning to get my edited pictures developed for my portfolio.. well meeting herwin this fridaee.. well dunnoe where we're heading to.. well according to pakcik.. he said it'll b at peace centre... aiyo de place infested with china men.. hmmmmmm.. but nvm.. aniting for my pictures.. hard work pays off... hmm pray pray pray..
well to yann n Renn: i pray all the best to u guys..hope u guys pray for me too..
to sabby: miss ya babe.. Kl trip ya? when? cant wateeeee!!!

L:ann : 8:57 PM.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

well i think its time for me to update my blog.. life's such a bore.. hha de reason i seldom blog is becausee, im plain lazy to type WWW.BLOGGER.COM.. hahaha well valentines dayyy is wayyyy over.. hahaha(dats my last,ever posted)..
well my life'd been twisted, turned..upside down.. watever u can ever describe.. many things happened actually.. well de gd thing is.. hahaha passed my o's.. haha looking fwd to meet sabby in SP..hopefully. n ya me sabby n aizat n their friend ryan, we've been like out on consecutive days last week.. thou ryan was with us for de last two days.. crapped a lot.. n the main thing is, dun we get bored seeing at each other's faces? hahahaha well i wonder..
well work sucked as usual..no suprise.. but the time de pay comes..felt rewarded evrytym.. well hu doesnt get happy when they get moneyy.. only idiot doesnt.. hurhur..
well sabby n i are planning to take de day off to KL.. well set a dtae quick dear! cant wate.. hehehe gotta strt saving already... well ryan's like on n off.. dunnooo whther he's tagging along.. well would be great if aizat is able to go too... i bet we're gonna hav sooo much fun..
well i think ive grown fatter.. i think ermm.. dats bad.. been consumin lotsss of junks... hahaha du u noe wat i eat evry morning..cheese n banana on toast.. aint dat yummy n FATTENING?! hahaha.but i like it thou.. try it ppl..
well went to meet a friend(";)..just nw.. hahha nice meeting.. ate fruit tart n some cakes laa... hahaha crapped n gossiped.. i miss ya!(to dat friend(";) lahhh!) hehehhe.. well anyways.. yaaaaa... i guess i'll stp here n sign of... takke care readers! cheerios!

L:ann : 12:00 AM.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

n o d a t e f o r VALENTINE's DAY s t i l l . . .

a n y o n e w i l l i n g t o g o o u t w i t h m e ? ? ?

L:ann : 9:57 AM.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today was stuuuuuuuupendous(Barney's way of voice!) hehhe went to lil india wit yann n beb.. thanks fr de naan n chic day guys.. hahah had 2 pieeces of naans n 3 kinds of diff chicken..sedappp oiii...
den headed to mustafa centre n sprayed on perfumesss an all.. browsin thru de shelvess..
highlight of de day: CAM WHORIN!!! eheheheheh.. made a fool out of ourselves posing infront of de tiny cam.. ahahhaa thou i look quite of gay today! haha yannn lets slot a day for another cam whoring session aite?!! ferst lemme UN-gay myself.. hahahaha

L:ann : 1:10 AM.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

hey ppl im back blogging.. ehhehhe last few days rock man!!! went to kbox n sang our hearts out.. hehehee thnks peeps.. toook crazy snapshots of ourselvesss... hmmm lemme see... seriouslee dunno wat to type... well yest was a very hectic day fer me.. bz day at werk n all.. had to wear short berms cz de hsekeeping gt no more berms.. damn looked like a fool..


Kbox ruless... hehehe
neoprintss areee super..

all this apply when u gt great company!!!

L:ann : 4:14 PM.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

wadya guys think?? hahaha happy i was to find my data cd.. cd contains all our old pics..when some looking like stick figures n now like satay skwers(now with meat on stick!) hahaha n some fm double bass to violins.. hahahaha chatted with yann yest n passed some of her ZAMAN GEMILANG pics..jambu seyy!!!! now de picture(above) was before after..n we do not enter extreme makeover infact its nt dat extreme hahaha just a mild one.. well will upload n post some of de pics n let de public view ok??.. chiaosssss...

--i look hideous lorr! *shrugs*

L:ann : 2:42 AM.